Monday, 17 April 2017

Innovation Project

A month or so ago I started my 2nd major project of 2nd year, titled the Innovation Project. So far I'm really enjoying it. A lot of things have changed from the first year (we use folders rather than sketchbooks, there's more focus on research, different page layouts etc. etc.) but I've really been enjoying the challenge of developing my work to a better, more professional standard. I chose to base my concept around surrealism and illusions which I've been working on in my folder and have just started to design. Here are some of my key research images....

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Old Navy Briefing

We've been briefed on a month(ish) long competition we're going to be working on before starting our 2nd project. The competition is with Old Navy and is the chance to win an internship with them over the summer in America! I was definitely quite excited with starting this project as it's quite quick and fast paced which I much prefer to the longer, drawn out projects that we're normally doing (it's a nice break!). I also work 100x better under time pressure so it's generally a well suited project for me! As Old Navy are so authentically american, I decided to base my theme around american retro (in particular 50s and retro cars and diners). These were a few of my favourite images that I found...

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Final Presentation

So we had our final presentation to Asos on monday showing them our final garments and all of our work that we've completed the last few months. They seemed to like our concept and line up luckily. We also got to see a few of the other groups present and it was interesting to see how everyone had taken the brief so differently and some of the collections were really amazing! We also showed them our lookbook which I love! The photoshoot came out so well and the photos look so professional. Here are just a few of them.....

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Starting to make and xmas!

After toiles upon toiles upon toiles we've finally finished our final, completed toiles ready to be cut out in our fabric. I'm in charge of making the jeans, the poncho and the neoprene sweatshirt (we all have 3 garments to make each). It's also now the christmas holidays so we've all been given fabrics to source over the holidays so that we're ready for when we get back for the 2 week rush before our deadline.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Mid Module Presentation

So today we had our mid module presentation to Asos! We had to present in front of the two designers from Asos and then all of our tutors. Luckily they seemed to generally like our concept, and they were really keen especially on the laser engraving that we had created from my print. They did say however that the colour scheme needed some work on and they said we should use the colour from the laser engraved leather we had (a pinky, peach colour). 

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Developing Ideas

So we’ve been doing a lot of researching and design development the past couple of weeks for our menswear project. We’ve come up with a concept to do with video games (particularly apocalyptic ones) and technology which we’ve titled ‘Computerised Misfit’. We’ve also decided to create our own video game character called Xen who plays in our video game ‘Sosa’ (....yes that is Asos spelt backwards!). We’ve started to develop some really interesting designs and details, I’ve really been loving our circuit board work in particular and I’ve been in charge of designing some print ideas also which I think we’re going to use in our final garments.