Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The wall...

I have a wall in my bedroom where I stick all of my favourite images that I find in magazines (Mainly from Look, Elle, Vogue and Style). I tend to keep my magazines (in date order of course!) because they always come in handy and I often look back through them and find amazing photos and clothes in them. So far on my wall I've only got through some of my magazines so there is plenty more to put on it (I may need to find someowhere else to store them - maybe a book?) but I thought I'd share some of my best photos.

This is my workspace and wall - very messy as you can see. I pride myself on  being a very organised person but keeping things tidy is definitely not my strong point!

Bora Aksu is one of my favourite designers. He's not very well known but his clothes are amazing! Also in this photo is a dress from the Topshop Unique collection which I love.

This is my exhibition pass for London Fashion Week. I was lucky enough to be able to actually go to London Fashion Week and look around the whole of the exhibition section. I was also backstage at the Mark Fast show so I got to see all of the outfits close up (the models were very very tall!). Also, the photo at the bottom is a Zac Posen dress. It's so amazing I can't even put it into words!

I love the main photo in this especially the crop shirt. Also the jacket at the top is brilliant (I love the print).

 I've been scrounging off Style magazines for a while now (they come with the Sunday Times) because I don't have a subscription to any magazines. It's actually really good and it's got designer clothes as well as high street so there is a lot to look at (although I am hoping for Elle/Vogue for Christmas). Below Style you can see a postcard from the Romina Karamenea SS 11 show. This was the first ever proper catwalk show I went to (It was an off-schedule show at London Fashion Week). My mum's friend's friend managed to get me a ticket and we got sit on the front row! It was crazy and we even got free goody bags!

 I love these fashion illustrations. I really wish I could draw and paint as well as this. I definitely want to experiment more with my designs and make them more creative.

 This is an Erdem design. I actually saw this dress in real life at the Ballgown exhibition at the V&A. All of the dresses were incredible!

At the top is a dress by Felicity Brown. I love her designs because they are really well-made and are so textural.

My favourite designer has to be Alexander McQueen (hence the logo). It's likely I'll do a few posts on him in the future. I also really like Jil Sander (as you can see above). I love this paisley pattern and the mixture of colours.

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