Wednesday, 19 December 2012


I was just looking through some of my photos I took while experimenting with my new camera and thought these were pretty cool...

 These three I took with a really slow shutterspeed. I was in the car at the time (on the way to the cinema to see In Time - which is actually a really good film by the way) and focused the camera onto the lights on the road and on the cars surrounding. It was
dark so it created a really interesting effect with the lights.

 A really simple photo but still as effetive. The black and white looks much better than in colour.

 Another one experimenting with shutter speed. If you look at the image larger you can see that it almost looks like the feet are moving and I liked the way that a still photo could capture a sense of movement.

 In this one I was just experimenting with lighting and changing the aperture and light intensity. I like the way that the white light covers most of the face so that it is highlighted and contrasts with the clothes.
 In this one I set the camera on timer, the shutterspeed on a slow setting and twisted round. I really like how this turned out and the shapes it created.
 This one is taken of the lights inside the car. I really love the colours in this.
One of my favourite photos here. Mainly because the orange lights just highlight the whole theme of technology and the future. It just makes the whole photo so much more interesting.