Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Best Fashion Moments of 2013

First of all, if you're reading this tomorrow, Happy New Year! Though I'm sure everyone has/will say this, it really does feel like 2013 has flown by incredibly quickly and I'm definitely excited about the upcoming year. I will of course have a NYE outfit at some point but first of all I decided to do a summary of what I think were some of the fashion highlights of 2013....

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Velvet Dress

I hope you all had a really good christmas! I was really lucky with receiving clothes this year and I've got lots to show you (plus I've made a few purchases in the sales including buying these shoes online (fingers crossed they fit!)). 
So this dress was a christmas present. I can't get enough of velvet and of course I was really pleased when I opened it as it's so lovely. I really am a fan of this style of dress and it's just so easy to wear. These heels were also a present from my aunt and uncle. I never get shoes for christmas so it was such a nice surprise to get these (especially since they fit so well and go with so many things!). 

What do you think of my outfit? How has your Christmas been?

 dress and heels - both gifts

P.S. lots of new things in my shop

Monday, 23 December 2013

Dear Santa...

Merry Christmas Eve Eve everyone! I just decided to do a quick post of some of the things that I've seen and liked in the shops recently. I hope you all have a good time over the next few days with lots of food and christmas celebrations. Let me know what things you're hoping to buy in the January sales...

dear santa
from top to bottom: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

Friday, 20 December 2013

Tartan Again

I'm currently in production of my final textiles piece which I am very excited to photograph and show you all. I'm not that happy with it at the moment however and my piece for AS was definitely better but oh well....hopefully it will turn out alright and my fantasy themed photoshoot will help. 
I've got just a quick outfit post today showing you a tartan skirt I made recently. I used the same fabric as from this dress. I'm wearing it with my bargain New Look heels and my River Island necklace. 

What do you think of my skirt?

 skirt - homemade
top - old
necklace- River Island
shoes - New Look

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Tumblr Favourites

I've picked out a few of my favourite pictures from tumblr again. Let me know which are your favourite and what trends you've been loving at the moment...

 All images via tumblr - see here

Friday, 13 December 2013


So there are only 11 days until Christmas which is quite a scary thought, especially since I only have one week left of school until the christmas holidays (during which I need to finish my whole textiles final piece). And then it will be only a week until 2014...ugh it's going too quickly!
Anyway, I got given this top from a friend (Katie) who received it but didn't want it anymore. I love the dogtooth print and the extra touch with the bold blue collar and cuffs. The buttons down the back are also really nice and I suppose it gives you the option to wear it both ways round. I really would have loved to pair this with a black leather a line skirt but I had to opt for the next best option of my silver primark skirt (which I bought last year for £8).
Are you doing anything in the run up to christmas? What do you think of my outfit?

top - given to me by a friend
skirt - Primark
boots - ebay

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

5 Christmas Outfits

As we're nearing Christmas, I came up 5 christmas/winter outfits from my wardrobe. Let me know which one is your favourite...

dress - old, heels - Faith, bag - charity shop (gift)
1. When I put 'old' for an item it generally means either 1. I don't know where it's from as I bought/received it so long ago or 2. I was given it by someone who no longer wanted it. This dress in particular was given to me by one of my Mum's friends. I've always wanted to own a sequin dress and like many people I am instantly attracted to anything sparkly I see in a shop, so it's really exciting receiving this dress for free. My bag is one of my favourites (I use it all the time!) ever since I got it as a christmas present last year. It's just the perfect size for carrying around the essentials. 
 shirt - vintage market, jeans - River Island
2. It feels like such a long time ago I bought this shirt from the Brick Lane market. Printed shirts are a great way to dress up any outfit and easily throw on with a plain pair of jeans or skirt. I'd definitely recommend River Island for buying trousers (though considering I only own two pairs of trousers it's probably best not to trust my judgement) as they fit so well and there are some really nice styles. 
 top - buy it here, skirt - Topshop (buy it here), necklace - River Island
3. I'm a sucker for any fringed/lace items so I absolutely love this top. I really want to experiment a bit more with layering tops over skirts rather than tucking them in as I think it can look really good when styled right. I love the mix of gold and black in this outfit and it would look perfect with a bright red lipstick. 
 tights - gift, shirt - ebay, skirt - Topshop
4. This is more of a day outfit but it of course wouldn't be finished without a pair of sparkly tights. When it gets to this time of year, my christmassy tights come out the wardrobe and are often worn around the house and occasionally on an outing. I am in love with the Urban Outfitters and Topshop glittery socks though and I'm wondering whether to sacrifice my only pair of these tights to make my own socks. What do you think?
tights - gift, dress - Rokit Vintage, heels - ebay
5. The final outfit includes another pair of christmas tights - these ones are gold. My only velvet item is this dress and it's so good for wearing both during the day and at night. The colour of it also makes it perfect for wearing in all seasons. 

Don't forget to keep checking for the blog of the day this month. If you've missed any, you can see all of them by clicking on Advent Calendar at the top of the page.  

Friday, 6 December 2013

British Fashion Awards 2013

I did this post last year so I thought it would be quite nice to do it again, so here were the winners of the British Fashion Awards 2013....
Womenswear Designer of the Year - Christopher Kane

Tuesday, 3 December 2013


I was going to leave this post for a couple of days but I couldn't wait to show you all so it's here already. I made this tartan dress at the weekend with the intention of selling it in my shop (you can find it here). I am so so happy with it - I love the fabric, the style, and it's probably one of the highest quality items I've ever made. If I sell it, I'll definitely consider making more in this kind of style. I'm also wearing my fur gilet in this post, (which doesn't get many outings but I really love how well it goes with this dress) and my new heels which I've already shown you. Let me know what you think of the dress....

 dress - homemade (buy it here)
fur gilet - Birmingham clothes show (unknown brand)
heels - Faith via charity shop

Sunday, 1 December 2013

1st of December

Happy 1st of December everyone! I've decided to do a sort of advent calendar thing on my blog this month where each day I'll be linking one of my favourite blogs. If you look to the right you'll be able to see the blog of the day. I hope you like my choices and be sure to keep looking as you might find your new favourite blog amongst them!
Anyway, as promised I am back with another outfit post. I'm sure some of you remember me showing this skirt countless times before but it really is so easy to pair with and amazing quality for the bargain of £8. I am selling this top in my shop and it was originally from Motel. I love the style and the sheer section at the back is just perfect. The only other time I've shown this coat was way back in my first ever post. It's pretty much ruined now as I managed to get oil paint down one sleeve (though there must be some kind of miracle remover method...surely?) so I don't wear it anymore but I really wanted to show it to you all as I'm in love with the colour and style of it. 

What do you think of my outfit? What's your favourite winter piece?

 shirt - charity shop
top - Motel (I'm selling it here)
skirt - Primark
boots - ebay
socks - Topshop
coat - vintage market