Thursday, 28 February 2013


I'm here with an outfit post as promised even if it does have very few photos (my younger brother took them as quickly as he possibly could!).I bought this dress last week for £16 from a vintage shop. I've been wanting a velvet dress for ages and I'm happy with the one I've finally chosen. The dress was originally very long so I cut it and I'm going to use the extra fabric to make a skirt (watch this space!). I am aware I've been wearing this necklace a lot in my outfit posts but it goes with so so much and I don't actually have many necklaces (this length at least). I kept this look quite simple but I think this works well, especially since the velvet fabric stands out so much. I never really thought about silver velvet (I was planning on the typical red or blue) but I love how this looks. It has a really cool effect to it too.

 dress - vintage
necklace - River Island
Shoes - Office (see here)

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

What I've been liking at the moment...

I was going to do an outfit post for you today but then I looked outside and decided against it. Next time I will trek outside even if there's wind and hail, I promise! I thought I'd show you some things that I've really been liking at the moment . Here are mine...

crop tops
 (checkered crop top - Yayer, green crop top - Roksanda Illincic, shorts - River Island, belt - John Lewis, shoes - Topshop)
1. Crop tops
The chances are I'll only have about 3 days this summer to actually wear a crop top since the weather's so rubbish here in England. Who knows, maybe this summer will be hot and sunny - I'll report back in a few months time. I really love this trend though at the moment. I keep seeing crop tops on other people's blogs and it's given me loads of inspiration.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Under the Sea

For the past few weeks and loads over half term, I've been slaving away trying to finish all of my art and textiles coursework (the deadline's Monday!). This included creating my final piece in textiles. The whole course built up from the overall theme of Natural forms (from which I chose 'The Sea'). The idea was then to create a whole sketchbook full of development in order to create a final outcome, which is what you can see below.  The dress was originally only white cotton fabric, so producing it not only involved sewing it all together but dying, batik-ing (using wax to resist the dye), embroidery, mola etc. etc. Overall, the garment was supposed to show about 15 hours of work in total. I'm pleased with how it's turned out (there's always going to be something I'm not happy with though. I won't tell you what!) and fingers crossed I get a good mark for it. 
What have you all been up to this half term? 

Thursday, 21 February 2013

5 standout collections at LFW...

... apart from Sass and Bide and David Koma which you can find here and here. I thought London Fashion Week was really great this season. All of the collections seemed to be exceptional and all designs were incredible both from regular designers and new designers. I've picked out my personal 5 favourite collections. Here they are...

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


I had a lovely day on a visit to London today. Me and a couple of friends went over to Covent Garden in the morning. I bought a velvet vintage dress which I'll show you all at some point. I've wanted something velvet for ages so I'm so glad I bought it! We then went over to the Valentino exhibition which is currently on at Somerset House. The exhibition includes 137 of Valentino's most incredible evening dresses. We were all amazed by the incredible quality and design of all of the dresses (literally every single one!) and I'd definitely recommend going to visit the exhibition if you get the chance. On to my outfit. This is a variation of what I wore today. The jumper was from a family member and is perfect for wearing tucked into a high waisted skirt. The fur gillet, I actually rediscovered yesterday. I'd completely forgotten I had it (I bought it a couple of years ago) but it's actually really great to add to an outfit and is really great for the winter (It's just a shame winter is nearly over!).

skirt - Primark
fur gillet - Birmingham clothes show
necklace - River Island
jumper - old 
tights - Bora Aksu
shoes - New Look
What do you think of this look? What items have you rediscovered recently?

Sunday, 17 February 2013

David Koma at LFW...

I went out to see the David Koma show last night. I must say it was well worth the trip up to Somerset House. The collection was brilliant (even better in real life). The overall inspiration was taken from vinyl records which quite clearly influenced every single design (even the invitations had a record on them). Apart from this, the collection was very futuristic with bold shapes, sheer fabrics and lots and lots of leather. Black and white were also key players in this collection (I'm sensing a trend coming on here) as well as bright red and blue. I really loved seeing this collection, what do you think?

Saturday, 16 February 2013


'Bold lines, caged bodices & armadillo layers create a sculptural silhouette that echoes the manmade. Precise suiting & placement cut-outs highlight sensual zones while fluid silks &sheer panels summon the feminine force. Tonal shades of grey, black & ivory are laced with futuristic chrome, reflective metals and subtle nectar hues.'
Yesterday evening, I went out to see the Sass and Bide show at London Fashion Week. I wasn't disappointed. The show was fashionably late, of course (I swear it must be compulsory!) but there was plenty to look at (there were a lot of well-dressed people milling around and celebrities such as Pixie Lott, Caroline Flack, and Olivia Palermo turned up). The venue (St John's, Smith Square) was a lovely 18th century church in the heart of London, the perfect setting. The show itself was full of wonderful outfits, mainly in black, white, silver and yellow. I personally think the designs were stunning. Take a look for yourself...

Thursday, 14 February 2013


I'm really excited to be going to two designer's shows at London Fashion Week this weekend (sass and bide and David Koma). It's my first ever proper fashion week so it's going to be interesting to see first hand how fashion week really works. Any tips from people who've already been?
Anyway, I'm going to have the difficult decision over what to wear. One possibility is this dress. I bought it in the summer from ebay. It was only £2, so of course I snatched it up straight away. It's served me very well so far and is very easy just to throw on when you don't really feel like creating a complicated outfit. I love the style of it with the collar (I can't get enough of this trend!) and it's always great to have something with a paisley print in your wardrobe. It's also going to be brilliant to wear in the summer. What do you think of my outfit?

dress - ebay
shoes - ebay
belt - Topshop

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Jason Wu

I thought a New York designer was needed today what with New York Fashion Week currently going on. Jason Wu is a brilliant designer. His designs are extremely well made and always very trend setting.  His spring/summer collection in particular is my favourite with a variety of different shapes and textures. One thing, however with these collections is I don't feel they jump out at me for being unique and extremely creative, but that's just my opinion - what do you think?

Autumn/Winter 12

Spring/Summer 13

Autumn/Winter 13

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Blue Sunset...

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! I'm off to celebrate the year of the snake tonight. It's a tradition in our family to go to the same Chinese restaurant in London every year to have a meal. This is what I'm going to be wearing (minus the heels). The dress is a vintage piece given to me by a family member. The only modification I made was to shorten it so that I could wear it during the day. The fabric is really great quality and has a lovely feel to it which you can't really tell from these photos. The top half is great and the frilly part definitely adds a bit of interest and uniqueness to the dress. The bottom half is pleated and looks great without the belt as well as with. The belt was given to me by my grandmother. I love how it completely changes the outfit here. What do you think of my dress?
By the way, sorry about the quality of the photos. I would have taken them outside but it was pouring with rain (what do you expect from England?!).

dress - vintage
belt - vintage
bag - charity shop (see here)
shoes - New Look
bracelet - see here