Friday, 29 March 2013

Style bloggers

One of my favourite things about having a fashion blog is being able to follow everyone else's. I love scrolling through blogs to see what people are wearing or are talking about at the moment. Since this is such a big thing for me, I thought why not show some of my favourites to all of you. It was incredibly hard to narrow it down (there are so many amazing blogs out there!) but these are a few of the ones that spring to mind.Why not check them out for yourself...

Tuesday, 26 March 2013


First of all, look at my fancy reflection skills! I keep seeing this everywhere so I thought I'd try it out myself. Onto the actual outfit...I made this dress on Saturday afternoon. This is actually the first thing I've properly made from scratch (apart from my Textiles final) since Christmas. I'm the biggest procrastinator ever so rather than wasting time attempting but not actually doing work, I decided this dress would be a better use of my time. After I made it, I actually felt an increased motivation to work harder for my schoolwork. Perhaps I've discovered the key to preventing procrastination: do something you've been wanting to do for a while and then focus on your work afterwards - it works, trust me!.
So, I  made the dress using some fabric I got as a present for my birthday. The print is so lovely and I really like how it contrasts with the sleeves (which were made from some white curtain netting). I'm actually really pleased with the dress (unusual for me). It reminds me of the ones you can get from Yayer or Choies (but instead I saved about £40 of my money by making it myself). 
How is your week going so far?

 dress - homemade
shoes - new look

Sunday, 24 March 2013


I can't believe we're 4 days into spring and there's snow outside. Apparently this time last year it was 20 degrees - crazy! My fashion mind is still set on summer though and searching around for brightly coloured clothing and summery prints is getting me even more excited for warmer weather than ever before! I'm also preparing myself for 2 weeks off school for Easter to laze around study for my summer exams. Anyway, just a few outfits to get you into the spring mood...

coat -, shoes -Yves Saint Laurent , skirt - Simone Rocha
dress - Victoria Beckham, shoes - Nicholas KirkwoodBlue
skirt - Helmut Lang, shoes - Sergio Rossi, shirt - ErdemYellow
top - Scotch & Soda, shoes - Miu Miu, skit - ebay 

How was your weekend? Looking forward to Easter?

Thursday, 21 March 2013


I wanted to show off my new jacket today - it's Versace! It was a birthday present, which was going to be thrown away (I know, why would you throw it away?!) and sold but was instead given to me to use. The fur is incredibly soft and I love the colour of it (even though I'm not usually one for pink). Another wonderful birthday present was the heels. I am falling in love with them already. They're brilliant since they add that extra height and oomph to an outfit yet aren't extremely big and chunky. The necklace was also a present - given to me by a friend. I'm not used to styling outfits with smaller pieces of jewellery but I actually really love how this looks.
What do you think of my outfit?

 jacket - present (Versace)
shirt - old
skirt - eBay
heels - present
necklace - present

Monday, 18 March 2013

Black and white

I'm devastated that Google Reader is shutting down and although there seems to be a bit of confusion over Google Friend Connect, I'm sure that won't be staying much longer either. I'm determined to continue using Google Reader until the very last day (July 1st) but after that I'll probably have to transfer over to Bloglovin. I'd hate to lose all of you as readers so if you want to follow me on Bloglovin you can do that here or transfer all of your Google Reader subscriptions by clicking here. There are also loads of other RSS readers which you can join - let me know if you find any good ones.
I'm wearing a dress that was a birthday present (originally from Yayer). I've wanted a dress with shoulder cut outs for a while so I was excited to receive this dress. It's also very handy having a monochrome checkered dress (I don't think I've ever owned one) and it could be very useful to wear in the summer. I don't think I've shown you these boots yet, even though I've had them since before Christmas. They were from New Look for around about £20 and have gold stud-like things down the side (which you can't tell from these photos). The necklaces include my usual pearl and chain necklace and the red and blue necklace (a Christmas present). My bracelet was a birthday present from one of my friends.

shoes - new look
dress - yayer
necklace - present
belt - vintage
bracelet - present

How was your weekend?

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Ryan Lo

Ryan Lo is one of Fashion East's latest selections. His designs are incredibly creative and I love how unique they all are. You can really see the theme running through each collection, yet each design has an individual quality to it. 
That's my opinion, but what do you think of this designer?
Spring/Summer 12

 Spring/Summer 13

 Autumn/Winter 13

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Silver is better than gold

Happy Birthday to me... Yes, it's my birthday today - officially 17. I've been very lucky with receiving clothes this year so I've got a lot of outfits lined up for you over the next few weeks! The only present I have in this outfit is the bracelet from my aunt, uncle and cousins (if you're reading this, thank you so much for the presents!). The skirt, as promised, was made from the extra material left over from my velvet dress (seen in this post). The shirt is one of my favourites as it is so easy to just throw on and mix with a skirt. It was given to me by my grandma a couple of years ago. 
What do you think of my outfit?

shirt - old
skirt - homemade/modified
bracelet - present
shoes - new look
socks - topshop