Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Felicity Brown

This designer I've actually known about for a while (unusual, I know!). Her designs are so inspiring with the use of fabrics and structure. Part of my textiles coursework was to do a critical study response on one of her designs so I really do understand how hard it is to create these amazing dresses! The designer, herself, is based in London and is running the label with her brother. Have a look at the collections...

Autumn/Winter 10

The stunning photography in this collection really draws out the overall feeling and mood of these designs. I love the simplicity they have and the movement the fabric gives to the pieces. All of Felicity Brown's collections are quite small and she tends to only have around about 15 looks (sometimes less or more) for each season but I think this really makes each design incredibly well-made and amazing quality. 

Spring/Summer 11
Who could not love that texture? This was the collection from which I attempted to do a critical study - it's a lot harder than it looks!

 Autumn/Winter 11

Incredible collection. The actual discovery of this designer for me dates back to when I went to the Ballgown Exhibition at the V&A museum. The dress at the top right was one of the pieces there and it was incredible to see it in real-life. It really gives you the chance to see the amount of time and effort that goes into creating a dress like that.

Spring/Summer 12

A bit more toned down here but I love the the string-like pieces in these designs. I was reminded of this collection when I went to the Valentino exhibition. One of his main techniques was to use strings of fabrics, just like above, to create wonderful dresses. Perhaps Felicity Brown took inspiration from him, who knows?

Autumn/Winter 13

 I was rather disappointed to see this collection. The one thing that I loved about this designer was her unique take on the fabric that she used and the unusual structures she created. Although these designs are still great, compared to here previous designs I feel they are rather lacking. Sorry to end on a rather low note! Anyway, it's not just my opinion - what do you think of Felicity Brown's collections?

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  1. Lovely colors!


  2. Wow! These clothes are beautiful, they are so different and unique. I really like the ombre of Autumn winter 10 and how the designer achieves great levels of volume in every collection. The dresses in spring/summer 12 are stunning! I have never heard of this designer before, so thanks for the introduction.
    Lianne x

  3. loooks cool!
    so different and amazing

    New outfit post ; Oh boy

  4. Wow these are gorgeous pieces!

    xo Jennifer


  5. Hi dear! just found your blog! Do you want to follow each other? Just let me know. See you soon and a one big kiss

  6. Who is the model of the first 4 photos?