Thursday, 2 May 2013

My favourite things - Part 3

It's been pretty hectic at the moment, what with lots of art deadlines and exams coming up (to be honest I should be working now). I haven't had much time for blogging, which is such a shame. I can't wait until my exams are over so I can properly catch up on all your lovely blogs!
This is the final post of my favourite things (part 1 here and part 2 here) and then back to fashion-y posts. Let me know what you think of these types of posts and I'd love to know if you have any other ideas.

11. My tin
Yes, this is a giant bourbon tin! My friends and family will know that my favourite biscuit has to be bourbons (they're so nice, aren't they!?), so my brother bought me this tin as a present. It's actually really handy, especially for storing my threads (they were originally in colour order, but I'm quite a messy person so they didn't stay quite like that!) and it's just a bonus that's it's in the shape of a giant bourbon! 

 12. My fashion books
The first ever fashion related book I got was probably Fashion Artist. I honestly don't think I'd be so interested in fashion, if it wasn't for this book. It was a Christmas present (about 4 years ago) and is a guide that teaches you and gives you tips on how to create fashion illustrations. Before I got this, I would draw out mini (extremely bad) sketches of clothes, but this book showed me how to make them so so so much better and develop my own kind of style. The other book is 200 projects to get you into fashion design. The clue's in the title really. It has sections/chapters all to do with the different processes of designing and creating a fashion collection. When I got this book, I had no idea how everything worked so it's really taught me a lot. 

 13. My t-shirt
Trust me to get sentimental over a t-shirt! This probably just looks like a manky old shirt to all of you, but it's not! As you can probably tell, I got it on holiday in 2005 (I was only 9). It's turned into a memento and I think there's only a couple of other things I've had as long as this. Even though I've had it so long, it still doesn't fit properly (and it now has holes in) so I always use it as a pyjama top (I haven't owned a real pair of pyjamas in years - I really hate the ones you can buy from shops). Over the past 8 years, this colour has really grown on me and the wonderful thing about the top is that I will never forget when I first got it as it's dated. 

 14. My overlocking machine
In case you don't know what this is, look at the seam on the top you're wearing right now. Do you see that stitching neatening the edges? Yep, well that's what an overlocker does. Basically it just finishes the inside of a garment to make it perfect and neat. I decided the time had come to buy an overlocker a while ago and I've never regretted the purchase since. Although, there have been many occasions where I've been found getting frustrated and shouting at it for doing the wrong thing or unthreading (god, that's the worst) or just generally breaking, it's incredibly useful. It just makes the garments seem so much more professional and well-made. It's also really handy for stopping fraying. If you're into fashion design or making clothes and you don't yet have one of these - get one, trust me it's amazing!

15. My wardrobe
What would I do without clothes? I could never survive. I refuse to throw any of my clothes away (even if I'm not going to wear them again) just in case I might need them at some point for some reason. I remember when I was younger, it was always a sad moment when I had to throw away one of my favourite tops because I'd outgrown it. Because of this refusal to throw anything away (and the fact that I buy lots from eBay for under £5), I seem to have built up a rather large collection of items (that's not my whole wardrobe in the photo by the way!). The advantages of this, however, are that you never have to wear the same thing twice and there's lots to mix and match with, so I see that as an excuse to buy more!

What have you been up to lately? What are your favourite things?


  1. Your wardrobe looks lovely... I'd love to have a look around there!

    and yes, bourbons are the best biscuit!!

    Ashleigh xxx

  2. I'm really interested in fashion design as well, so I'm definitely going to check out the two books you mentioned. Thanks for sharing!

    - Juliana

  3. your wardrobe looks nice.. and i will check that fashion book..

  4. Great post dear, I'm going to check out the books you mention!!!

  5. I wish I could design and make my own clothes like you! I'm making a costume for my friend's birthday this weekend and don't even know where to start haha keep creating!

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    Pop by and visit my blog Taken By Surprise! xx

  6. very interesting post!!

  7. lovely! Shall we follow let me know XSE

  8. cute post :)
    trust me, you're not the only one to get sentimental over tshirts, i hoard them!


  9. Oh my goodness I love your bourbon tin! My favourite biscuit as well...jealous! Where is it from? X