Sunday, 30 June 2013

Fashion Illustration

I hope everyone is enjoying the sun at the moment (It actually feels like summer now!). I've got a bit of a different post today. I recently did an Art critical study on the artist below (Sara Ligari - have a look at her other work, it's incredible!) which inspired me to do a post on fashion illustrations. I've gathered a few of my favourites below to show you. There are no words to explain how incredible these illustrations are and I really wish I could draw and paint as well as them! I hope you like this sort of post - I certainly enjoyed browsing through drawings and even rediscovered one of my favourite websites from when I was younger (Would You Rock This? - basically a site where you can post your illustrations).

Which are your favourites?

Sara Ligari
 Alicia Malesani
 David Downton

Grant Cowen
  Sunny Gu

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  1. I'm always so impressed by fashion illustration, plus I love how you can enjoy looking at them as well as getting inspired by the clothes!
    This is a good illustration (mostly fashion) blog I love these artists: and

  2. These are beautiful! I really wish I could draw, I would just do loads.
    Jessica xx

  3. These illustrations are superb, I just love looking at them and gaining tons of inspiration.


  4. These are all very beautiful and I've always admired people who are so talented! The first picture particularly caught my eye for it's uniqueness :) x Very inspiring!

    Much love,