Tuesday, 30 July 2013

When in Rome

As the title may suggest, I have just come back from a weekend trip in Rome. While I was out there, I took the chance to take some photos of a dress I made recently. It was a new experience for me making this dress - firstly because I've never actually made a circle skirt before (even though it's supposed to be one of the easiest) and secondly because I fully lined it. This had the advantage of making the edges a lot neater and could be seamed on the inside making it look a lot nicer inside and out (although you obviously can't see this in the photos). I'm definitely very pleased with how it turned out considering I was trying out completely new things (a few imperfections but I won't mention those!). 
I'm free for a whole month now so will be back to regular blogging and I'm looking forward to catching up on all your blogs!

What do you think of my dress? How was your weekend?

dress - homemade
belt - vintage
sandals - Topshop

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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Just a quick update

Hello! I just wanted to let you know that you'll have to bear with me on the blogging front for a while. As you  may know I've been away on holiday for a week recently and I'm also going away for a few days this weekend. Because I'm not an expert/full-time blogger and I'm nowhere near organised enough to create any drafts etc. my posts have been lacking but I assure you as soon as I get back I'll be back to posting more regularly. I also haven't had the chance to catch up on all of your blogs yet so bear with me on that too and I'll try my best to get through as many as I can! In the meanwhile, have a look at my other posts or take a look at my shop (link below) if you fancy buying yourself some vintage/high street clothes!

Monday, 22 July 2013

Sleep all day

Hola! I got back from my holiday yesterday and had nowhere near enough energy in me to write a post, so here I am with one for you today. If any of you still don't know (though I'm sure I've mentioned it far too much) I've been away in Spain with some friends for the past week. It was a lot of fun and had a mix of everything in it so it was definitely a great experience. To tie in with this theme (and because of the fact it's unusually warm in England at the moment) I've worn a very summery, casual look today. I'm pretty sure this is only my 2nd shorts post so you'll be sure to see a few more of these coming up over the summer. This pair were an old pair I got given and just adjusted a bit. I'm wearing them with an old t-shirt and my sandals from Topshop (great to add to any outfit but they gave me the hugest blisters while on holiday). I have finally gone and made myself a flower crown (if you haven't done this yet, why not!?) which I really like but feel will only be worn in the confinements of my own house and garden (not really sure I can personally pull off the flower crown look in public!). 

(*cliche warning*) I don't really say thank you enough really for taking the time to read, comment or even just glance at my posts, it really means a lot. This is my 96th post so I'm reminiscing slightly over my blogging experience and I'm genuinely shocked I've lasted this long (with a lot of help from you guys of course!). 

What do you think of my outfit? Is anyone doing anything exciting soon?

 t-shirt - old
shorts - old
sandals - Topshop
flower crown - homemade

Friday, 12 July 2013


I haven't been organised enough to create any post drafts for while I'm on holiday so this will be my last post before I go away (See ya'll in 1 and a half weeks!) In the meanwhile, I'll leave you with some images that I've found on pinterest recently. I find my interest in Pinterest sort of goes in waves (one month I'm obsessed, the next month I've forgotten all about it, the next I'm back on it again). I've been using it loads recently. 

Which of these images are your favourites?

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Summer Days

Isn't the weather so so nice? It makes such a change from the horrible winter we had. I'm heading off to Spain on Sunday so I may or may not be posting depending on whether I get around to creating a draft or not (I'm sooo busy at the moment!) but the holiday is only for a week so you won't be without me for long! I'm dreading the number of blogs I'll have to catch up on though when I get back so you'll have to bear with me on that too! I'm actually in the middle of making a new dress which seems to be going well so far (touch wood) and I should be showing you in a couple of weeks time (perhaps with a scenic Spanish background).
Also, Emma, (from iemmafashion) was the winner of my latest giveaway and you can see her wearing the dress here in her wonderful photos!

This dress is from Topshop. It's so brilliantly well made and it would definitely take me a long time to make something like this so it's definitely worth the purchase. I love the print so much and of course it's perfect for the summer!

What do you think of my dress? Do you guys have any good holiday book recommendations?

dress - Topshop
shoes - New Look

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Friday, 5 July 2013

Evergreen Ivy

I had my first ever driving lesson today (by the way how nice and sunny was it today!?), which was really fun actually (I didn't crash into anyone so that's definitely a good thing). I'm also pretty nervous for a job interview I have at Topshop tomorrow. I've had a few sales assistant interviews before (I had one at French Connection once where you had to pick out different outfits - actually pretty fun) but I've either not got the job or it's ended up being for the wrong hours etc. Has anyone had an interview at Topshop before? Any advice? I'm not expecting anything to come from it though, to be honest, I'm just in shock that I even got an interview!

I made this critical study response yesterday and I thought I'd show you in case you're interested. It's supposed to show at least 2 hours of work and is taking inspiration from a certain designer  (Imelda Cartini in my case). Mine's very basic and is clearly not at a designer standard (far from it) but I wanted to focus mainly on the idea of leaves and ivy being glued/stitched onto a dress. I had to create a base layer first using some plain black fabric. I then layered on some white netting. It doesn't really show up well in the photos but it's a lot neater in real life! and then finally added the twisted sections and the leaves. As it's only a critical response, it doesn't need to be neat or finished off, hence why it looks like such a mess (I'm too much of a perfectionist) but I hope you like it anyway!
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What do you think? What are you doing this weekend?

Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Hello again! I recently got given a load of old clothes to look through and I found this fishnet top among everything. I've wanted one for ages (well, for the past month or so...) so I was really excited when I discovered it. I've been thinking of different ways of styling it (it looks great layered under a dress) but I decided to opt for a simple tucking in a skirt technique which can't really go wrong. I like how it's layered with the top underneath and it sort of creates a half sporty-luxe kind of look, (which I really like, but have never been brave enough to try myself) and the silver touches add to this. I've paired it with my skirt from ebay (it can also be found in these 2 posts) which has been well worth the purchase considering it was an absolute bargain. 

What do you think of my outfit? What have you been lusting after recently?

 shoes - New Look
skirt - ebay
fishnet top - old
crop top - New Look
bracelet - old