Friday, 5 July 2013

Evergreen Ivy

I had my first ever driving lesson today (by the way how nice and sunny was it today!?), which was really fun actually (I didn't crash into anyone so that's definitely a good thing). I'm also pretty nervous for a job interview I have at Topshop tomorrow. I've had a few sales assistant interviews before (I had one at French Connection once where you had to pick out different outfits - actually pretty fun) but I've either not got the job or it's ended up being for the wrong hours etc. Has anyone had an interview at Topshop before? Any advice? I'm not expecting anything to come from it though, to be honest, I'm just in shock that I even got an interview!

I made this critical study response yesterday and I thought I'd show you in case you're interested. It's supposed to show at least 2 hours of work and is taking inspiration from a certain designer  (Imelda Cartini in my case). Mine's very basic and is clearly not at a designer standard (far from it) but I wanted to focus mainly on the idea of leaves and ivy being glued/stitched onto a dress. I had to create a base layer first using some plain black fabric. I then layered on some white netting. It doesn't really show up well in the photos but it's a lot neater in real life! and then finally added the twisted sections and the leaves. As it's only a critical response, it doesn't need to be neat or finished off, hence why it looks like such a mess (I'm too much of a perfectionist) but I hope you like it anyway!
Lots of new items in my shop by the way - have a look here

What do you think? What are you doing this weekend?


  1. this week im catching up on blogging!
    i love driving.. i need to take my test soon.

    Brigitte // BlogLovin' | Blog | Facebook | Twitter

  2. Wow Charlotte! You always say the things you make look like a mess but they really dont! I couldn't do this if I tried! Its brilliant!

  3. that dress looks great, good luck with driving- im taking my test soon eeek !


  4. It's awesome that you started driving lessons! I can't wait for mine to start in a few years time, haha. Also, I wanted to wish you luck on your interview, you'll do great!

    - Juliana

  5. I really love it! It's so edgy, new and refreshing, at the same time it's nostalgic. It's amazing!

    Much love to you,

  6. Good luck in your interview! I would love to work at topshop!
    Jessica xx

  7. Loving where you're going with the latest dress! Hope you enjoyed your driving lesson!

    I used to work at Topshop! I quit about a year ago because of university though. I'd say get to know all their key trends they have in store at the moment and also think about how you'd be good at customer service - what sets you apart and how you'd deliver the best experience to customers shopping at your store. They'll probably also give you a styling challenge for someone who inspires you in fashion. Best of luck!

    Yinyin xx

  8. what an awesome design! love it!
    Emma xx
    ps. my package arrived! thanks, the dress and the bag are AMAZING<3

  9. good luck for your interview! topshop is awesome :)

  10. Love the idea behind this dress and I kind of like that it's not all neatly finished, it gives it a bit of edginess. Hope your interview went well :) xx

  11. So pretty! Poison Ivy eat your heart out!

    Em x

  12. Wow this looks incredible!