Tuesday, 29 October 2013


I'm hopefully going to be showing you another textiles piece (like this one) soon if I get my act together and start making it! Besides that and a long list of coursework, I'm not doing much over the half term or for Halloween (I'm kind of annoyed at myself for not doing a Halloween themed outfit post though, I've seen some really cool ones around).
 Sorry this outfit's a bit scruffy but I hope you can ignore that and focus on this wonderful cardigan I managed to pick up at the charity shop last week. It reminded me of some of the pieces from this collection and paired with this skirt it would be the perfect designer duplicate outfit. It is so so comfy and is very good transitional piece into winter or summer as it's not too thin or thick. 

What do you think of my outfit? What are you doing this week?

dress - old (see here)
cardigan - charity shop
shoes - New Look

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Tumblr Inspiration

Just a quick post today. I now have an obsession with tumblr. I personally prefer it to pinterest as I find it's lot easier to use and the pictures are all so much bigger and clearer. These are a few of my favourites I have collected...

Monday, 21 October 2013

Velour dress

This is a kind of 'outfit-of-the-night-two-days-late' post since I wore this dress to a party on saturday evening. I decided against heels (way too painful!) and the pearls are merely there to cover a drink stain I managed to acquire during the night (the photos were taken afterwards) but the dress was definitely a great choice for the evening. I bought it on ebay (seems to be a continual theme on my blog) for only £5. The surface of the dress doesn't come out very clearly in these photos but it's slightly sparkly and has a really nice velvet-y texture. I definitely think ebay is the best place to buy going out dresses as there's such a huge choice and so cheap!

How was your weekend? What do you think of my dress?

 dress - hearts and bows via ebay
heels - ebay

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Experimenting with pattern

I have had the most productive few days and I'm hoping it's going to continue like that! I've been working on a piece for my Textiles A2 coursework for part of this. We're on a section of our work where we're experimenting with pattern and surface design. Our brief was to create a piece which showed pattern from our sketchbook. I decided to create a corset type piece with 4 different panels. If you're wondering why it looks like a complete mess with threads and raw edges, it's because it doesn't need to be neatly finished as it's only a development piece, so please ignore this! The front two panels are both to do with my theme (can you guess what it is...?) and the back two are inspired by some designers I looked at in my work. I hope you like it and if you're interested I've written underneath each photo how I made the section. 

How I made it....I drew out with the outline of the pattern with pen and filled in the sections with black or green paint. I then stitched around the edges. 

How I made it.... I twisted a long piece of green fabric and stitched over the top to create the stems. I then cut out pink circles and stitched randomly over to create the roses. I also sewed and glued book pages into squares. 
 How I made it....I used a mola technique to layer and cut out materials. I created a paper layer with printed red rings and a watercolour background, and used a blue fabric and some purple napkins. 

How I made it... I drew out the pattern onto paper and scanned it onto the computer. I then used a pixlr to fill in sections of the pattern with colour. I printed this out and stitched it onto fabric. 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Pink and Purple

I've joined tumblr and my link is above for those who are interested. I'm using it mainly just for collecting images of fashion and as a sort of addition to pinterest, so my use of it could vary a lot. Leave your links below so I can check out yours!
I feel as if I'm running out of outfit ideas at the moment and have run out of clothes (if that's possible!). I've been buying a few things on ebay but they're mainly going out dresses (which I will show you in the next couple of months) so I'll have to find some more cheap day clothes to re-inspire me. Anyway, I've chosen to do an Autumn version of an outfit that I showed in the summer. The dress was something that I made with the most wonderful fabric and influenced by something I saw in Topshop at the time. I've paired it with a plain white t-shirt here which makes it feel a lot more casual and also keeps you warmer in these temperatures! I really like it with the pearls and boots as well for a pretty yet edgy look. 

What do you think of my outfit? What have you been wearing lately?

 dress - homemade
t-shirt - old
shoes - ebay

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Stephane Rolland

You may have noticed that my blog looks a bit different now. I was getting fed up of my dark background and how all the photos/polyvore sets etc. looked against it so I opted for a very simple white instead. I'm not totally convinced by it yet (though it is growing on me) so I may tweak it a bit more but it's far better than my previous darker one (at least I think so?...). 
It's been raining practically all day and I'm not organised enough to take photos in advance so I decided to leave an outfit post for next time. Instead I'm going to show you a French couture designer called Stephane Rolland. There's not much to say apart from how incredible the quality of these dresses ballgowns is. Have a look for yourself....

Which are your favourites? Which designers do you like?

Spring/Summer 2011

Thursday, 10 October 2013

7 trends for Autumn/Winter

Hello all! The sudden drop in temperature means it's feeling a lot more like Autumn/Winter now so I decided it would be the perfect time to do a round up of some of my favourite trends for the upcoming season. 
Which is your favourite trend? What have you been buying recently?








All sets can be found on my polyvore

Monday, 7 October 2013

Mock of a smock

I've been feeling pretty uninspired by my wardrobe lately (...an excuse to buy a whole new one maybe??) as I'm pretty bored of wearing the same clothes over and over again. So I decided that I'd spend a couple of hours today making this dress. I have had two smock dresses (here and here) but one shrunk in the wash and I left one in a hotel room *cry*, so this kind of style was an obvious choice. The fabric is also perfect for it - it's very lightweight and has a bit of a stretch to it. The print is very summery but I'd still be happy to wear in the autumn with some dark tights (such as below), my studded boots and a jacket. I'm still undecided whether to keep it for myself or add it to my shop - what do you reckon? I definitely want to make more dresses like this to sell though,... perhaps with long sleeves? Anyway, I haven't worn my silver heels in a while so I added these and a set of pearls to complete the look.

How was your weekend? What do you think of my dress?

dress - homemade
heels - New Look

Friday, 4 October 2013

Fabric Haul

 Hello! I hope you all had a good week and have a good weekend coming up! I wanted to do a slightly different post today (something which may not appeal to anyone i.e. probably no-one) so if you have no interest in fabric/sewing/design then feel free to skip this post! I've taken the idea of the famous clothes haul and instead I'm going to show you some of the fabrics I've collected recently or are ready and waiting to be used. I buy a lot of my fabric from Southall where there's a lot of really nice choices at cheaper prices than the average fabric shop. They also bring a lot of new fabrics in regularly so there's always something different to choose from. My mum chooses quite a few of my fabrics when she's passing the market so it's always quite exciting seeing what she picked out (luckily she has a very similar taste to me). I love the fact that with a length of fabric there are so many possibilities - making a dress, a top, a skirt.... you get the idea. Anyway, enough of my ramblings.... here is just a few from my big pile of material.... Let me know if you have any ideas of things to make!....