Sunday, 13 October 2013

Stephane Rolland

You may have noticed that my blog looks a bit different now. I was getting fed up of my dark background and how all the photos/polyvore sets etc. looked against it so I opted for a very simple white instead. I'm not totally convinced by it yet (though it is growing on me) so I may tweak it a bit more but it's far better than my previous darker one (at least I think so?...). 
It's been raining practically all day and I'm not organised enough to take photos in advance so I decided to leave an outfit post for next time. Instead I'm going to show you a French couture designer called Stephane Rolland. There's not much to say apart from how incredible the quality of these dresses ballgowns is. Have a look for yourself....

Which are your favourites? Which designers do you like?

Spring/Summer 2011

 Autumn/Winter 2011

 Spring/Summer 2012

 Autumn/Winter 2012


  1. Oh the new look of your blog is beautiful, much better for the eye! My favs were the 2012 ones - how amazing!


  2. AMAZING designer. love that last collection very feminine but had a strong cut <3

  3. aahh, i love their eye makeup

  4. A beautiful collection.
    The colors are beautiful
    xx, Malena
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    Fashioncontainer Facebook page