Sunday, 1 December 2013

1st of December

Happy 1st of December everyone! I've decided to do a sort of advent calendar thing on my blog this month where each day I'll be linking one of my favourite blogs. If you look to the right you'll be able to see the blog of the day. I hope you like my choices and be sure to keep looking as you might find your new favourite blog amongst them!
Anyway, as promised I am back with another outfit post. I'm sure some of you remember me showing this skirt countless times before but it really is so easy to pair with and amazing quality for the bargain of £8. I am selling this top in my shop and it was originally from Motel. I love the style and the sheer section at the back is just perfect. The only other time I've shown this coat was way back in my first ever post. It's pretty much ruined now as I managed to get oil paint down one sleeve (though there must be some kind of miracle remover method...surely?) so I don't wear it anymore but I really wanted to show it to you all as I'm in love with the colour and style of it. 

What do you think of my outfit? What's your favourite winter piece?

 shirt - charity shop
top - Motel (I'm selling it here)
skirt - Primark
boots - ebay
socks - Topshop
coat - vintage market


  1. The shirt is so lovely! You look so feminine and chic! I love this pretty outfit:) Those photographs are adorable as well!
    Wish you a blessed day ahead!

  2. I love your skirt!
    gorgeous outfit <3
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  3. great!:)) xo

  4. lovely outfit!
    love the boots!
    following, kisses x

  5. Love this skirt!!


  6. LOVE your coat! Baby blue, yes! scalloped hem, yes! white fur colour, yes!!! So cute Charlotte!

    Em xx

  7. I love your boots and that coat is so lovely :) xx

  8. I love this outfit. You're super creative and that coat looks amazing!
    Chloe x
    The Little Plum UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

  9. You look amazing! Perfect and great look :) You shoes are gorgeous :)
    If you`ll have time please visit my blog :)

  10. I love the cardigan it's gorgeous! Overall tho look is just so cute and I can't believe your only 17! So inspirational! Proud to be your newest follower honey :D! Xx

  11. aw! i love your sweet outfit!
    the cardigan looks so soft and perfect and the dress is so pretty!

  12. so cute & pretty, love your jacket♥

  13. Great look baby :D

  14. You resemble Scarlett Johansson.. Cute dress

  15. Amazing..!