Saturday, 11 January 2014

Fantasies and Fairytales

So this is my final piece for my A2 textiles coursework. I'm very relieved it's all over though I've still got lots of work to do. We have to produce 2 outcomes for the project and this is only the first one!. During our sketchbook work we had to take inspiration from designers who we liked (Imelda Kartini and Ali Ferguson were my top 2) and create samples/observations based on these and images we collected. My theme was of course 'Fairytale and Fantasy' and my idea behind the dress was the good vs evil (so the front is all pretty/princess-y and the back more dark). Most of the fabric has been dyed/manipulated by me and I had to stitch all into the surface etc. which took a while. The piece is supposed to take about 12 hours to make and although there were a few issues along the way I managed to make it within this time. I wasn't particularly pleased with the dress to start with but it's slowly growing on me and hopefully if it's refined enough, I'll get a good mark for it (just need to make the second one now!). I did a whole fairytale photoshoot and there were loads of photos to chose from so I've tried to narrow it down to show you the best.
Let me know what you think....

 dress - homemade
heels - Faith via charity shop


  1. omg I hope you get an amazing grade in textiles because your dress is incredible you deserve it! xx

  2. super photos:)) x

  3. Aww you're like a fairy!
    Love it :) xx


  4. ohh my godness!!! such a stunning dress, you look wonderful in it! <3
    Emma xx

  5. That dress is amazing! And you made it! WOW! You look so wonderful

  6. I remember when I was doing A Level art and I used to see the textile students working hard painting/sewing and making awesome creations. I like the look of this multi-textured fabric on the dress. Good luck with your final year of college!

  7. Oh god, this is so much better than anything I ever made for art. You are so talented, this dress is so pretty and unusual. I love the concept and the bodice is beautiful! It looks like it took so much longer than 12 hours to make with all the detail and layering. I'd give you an A. Can't wait to see dress number 2!

    Emma x

  8. that's incredible! you have so much talent!

  9. You look so enchanting like you just walked out of the movie Alice in Wonderland

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  10. Wow you've done a great job! The photos are gorgeous and the dress looks great :) xx

  11. Great work! Love the pictures, it looks like you just stepped out of fairytale book :)

    Monica x
    The Total Opposite