Thursday, 16 January 2014

Topshop Boots

Sorry I haven't posted in a while but every time I try and take photos it's either too dark, bad lighting or is pouring with rain outside. I took some outfit photos today but I decided I didn't like the outfit so I'm going to redo them tomorrow/saturday. In the meantime I have some photos of a new pair of shoes I bought from the Topshop sale. They were £35 down from £70 which I thought was quite a good discount for Topshop and considering I'll probably wear them alot. I've always been a big fan of cut out boots and I love how these ones have the buckles down the side and have a mix of black and brown leather. 

 boots - Topshop
socks - Topshop
skirt - here

P.S. I've added some new things to my shop


  1. Great boots:) x

  2. Those boots are simply to die for! They're such a beautiful shape and when I scrolled down and saw the heel, I was just like, "That's just perfect." Such a bargain! - Juliana

  3. These boots are just soo cute and they look awesome with the socks! Good choice!! :D

    I'm writing a blog about my life as a foreigner in Madrid, Spain and lots of other things about my life, and it would be nice if you could go have a look at it and leave me your opinion :) Thanks and good luck with your blog :)

  4. Wow, wow, wow, cant take my eyes of off them!

  5. Thanks for stopping by at my blog hun I hope we can follow each other as I really love your stuff and those boots are great will be fab for the spring as well xx

  6. They look great!
    I love the socks you wore! :) xx