Tuesday, 25 February 2014

5 outfits under £50

It's actually a lot harder finding an outfit for under £50 than I originally thought. Finding things on ebay all of the time (+ trying my hardest to spend as little money as possible on any piece of clothing) has meant that I don't buy things on the high street often and tend to buy only one thing at a time and therefore I guess I hadn't really thought about how much it all costs when added up. I did manage to find some bargains though and I'm particularly keen on the items in the third and fifth outfit. Let me know which ones are your favourite and if you've found any other bargains....

Outfit 1
outfit 4

Outfit 2
outfit 2
top, shorts, sandals

Outfit 3
outfit 1
dress, heels, top

Outfit 4
Outfit 3
dress, heels, necklace

Outfit 5
outfit 5
shirt, skirt, heels 

Friday, 21 February 2014

Fantasies and Fairytales Part 2

Do you remember when I did my first fairytale photoshoot here? well here's part 2 and my second outcome. We had to make this outcome at school during exam time which I hate doing because I work so much better at home when I can try it on and don't need to rush (...but don't even get me started on how unfair my school has been this year with art and textiles). Anyway, I am really disappointed with this dress and wish I could have done it all over again. I'm hoping my next project is going to be more successful and I'm feeling the motivation this time around so fingers crossed I won't lose that. The only part I like in this piece would be the repeat design which I designed and created myself and you can see the example below. As for everything else, I created the skirt by stitching diagonal lengths of string and adding pearls and the peplum is lace over the top of some pink fabric and stitched over the top of.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

LFW Highlights - Autumn/Winter 2014

Did you all enjoy fashion week? I watched a majority of the on-schedule shows online (you can see my other fashion week post here) and have picked out my highlights for this season. Let me know which were your favourites...

--------------------------DAY ONE--------------------------

Felder Felder

 Bora Aksu

 Also, I'd definitely recommend having a look at the Central St Martin's MA show.

---------------------------DAY TWO---------------------------

Sunday, 16 February 2014

London Fashion Week February 2014

I managed to get last minute tickets to a few LFW shows this season, so me and Katie headed up to London on Saturday for two of them. Both of them were based at Freemason's Hall in Holborn, though in different sections of the building. We headed to the first one at 12:30 which was for the designer, Xiao Li. I was  pleasantly surprised by the collection and I loved the interesting use of fabrics in blues and white. Also, every single one of the models had pink hair (which I'm completely lusting after now)! I took a few photos but I really can't figure out what setting to put my camera on for fashion shows and I prefer to just watch the show rather than waste time taking photos that turn out blurry, so I've put a couple of the official images below. The second show for Zeynep Kartal was at 1:30 so we took a quick break and headed back to a much longer queue than before. Everyone was told to wait outside, and we were then led into a slightly different room. Our view wasn't as good at this show but the clothes definitely made up for it. Sequins and sheer fabric were the main themes in this collection and again I was very pleasantly surprised. I don't think the photos for either Xiao Li or Zeynep Kartal really do the collections justice and I think actually being able to see the movement of the fabrics and the textures up close really makes you realise just how incredible some of the designs really are. 

Xiao Li

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Spring Feeling

I decided not to trek outside into the wind and rain to take new outfit photos and to post these ones I've had for a while instead. This outfit gets me really excited for summer. I really love this skirt and am so tempted to keep it for myself if I don't sell it by spring. I'm wearing it with my white shirt I found in a charity shop which was such a worthwhile buy especially considering it was only something like £3! When I bought my boots from Topshop online, I also took advantage of the free delivery by buying these lace socks as well. I definitely think they'll be good for the warmer months, along with my frilly ones as well. 

 shirt - charity shop/modified
skirt - vintage (can be bought here)
boots - Topshop
socks - Topshop

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Spring/Summer trend predictions

I've been thinking a lot about my spring/summer wardrobe lately (is it still too early?). There are a few trends that I've seen popping up quite frequently and I decided to collate these into a trend prediction post for you. There are some typical ones of course such as florals, pastels and bright colours, but also some which are more commonly seen in the winter such as the fur trend. I only included my top 8 but let me know which other trends you're looking forward to/are liking at the moment...

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Pink shirt

These photos were taken by my brother which is why they're of a lower quality a bit different to the usual ones taken by my Dad. I've got into a sort of routine with taking outfit photos where I ask for a mixture of close ups and full lengths (which has been drummed into my Dad's head so he knows now exactly what to do when I ask if he has 5 minutes spare). My brother, however, is slightly less willing to give up his time and on the rare occasion that he does help me out, it takes a lot longer to get the right photos since he likes to be 'experimental' in photoshoots, resulting in a variety of ugly unattractive close ups of my face.
Anyway, I am a really big fan of this shirt. It's originally from Marks and Spencers and is made of a pinkish suede like fabric which I love. I've paired it with this skirt I made (such a simple piece it only took 45 mins) using some fabric my friend gave me, and of course my ebay studded boots.

 shirt - Marks and Spencers (can be bought here)
skirt - homemade (can be bought here)
necklace - Topshop
boots - ebay