Sunday, 16 February 2014

London Fashion Week February 2014

I managed to get last minute tickets to a few LFW shows this season, so me and Katie headed up to London on Saturday for two of them. Both of them were based at Freemason's Hall in Holborn, though in different sections of the building. We headed to the first one at 12:30 which was for the designer, Xiao Li. I was  pleasantly surprised by the collection and I loved the interesting use of fabrics in blues and white. Also, every single one of the models had pink hair (which I'm completely lusting after now)! I took a few photos but I really can't figure out what setting to put my camera on for fashion shows and I prefer to just watch the show rather than waste time taking photos that turn out blurry, so I've put a couple of the official images below. The second show for Zeynep Kartal was at 1:30 so we took a quick break and headed back to a much longer queue than before. Everyone was told to wait outside, and we were then led into a slightly different room. Our view wasn't as good at this show but the clothes definitely made up for it. Sequins and sheer fabric were the main themes in this collection and again I was very pleasantly surprised. I don't think the photos for either Xiao Li or Zeynep Kartal really do the collections justice and I think actually being able to see the movement of the fabrics and the textures up close really makes you realise just how incredible some of the designs really are. 

Xiao Li

 Zeynep Kartal

Somerset House and My Outfit

 coat - Rokit Vintage
shirt - vintage (in my shop)
skirt - homemade (in my shop)
boots - Topshop


  1. Great post - looks like you had a great time! Love your outfit, that top is so pretty! :)

  2. Great outfit! looks like a really fun day

  3. love the hair colour on these girls - and so proud to see Loiis on the catwalk x

  4. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!

    I love this outfit, I much prefer to see people at LFW that are wearing things they have made themselves!

    Alice xx

  5. You looked great! Looks like you had an amazing time
    Lucia's Loves

  6. I love your outfit there.... and that shoes is soooo dope!

  7. So in love with your outfit :) xx

  8. I can see you showcasing your own designs in the future!

    xoxo Zainab