Thursday, 6 February 2014

Pink shirt

These photos were taken by my brother which is why they're of a lower quality a bit different to the usual ones taken by my Dad. I've got into a sort of routine with taking outfit photos where I ask for a mixture of close ups and full lengths (which has been drummed into my Dad's head so he knows now exactly what to do when I ask if he has 5 minutes spare). My brother, however, is slightly less willing to give up his time and on the rare occasion that he does help me out, it takes a lot longer to get the right photos since he likes to be 'experimental' in photoshoots, resulting in a variety of ugly unattractive close ups of my face.
Anyway, I am a really big fan of this shirt. It's originally from Marks and Spencers and is made of a pinkish suede like fabric which I love. I've paired it with this skirt I made (such a simple piece it only took 45 mins) using some fabric my friend gave me, and of course my ebay studded boots.

 shirt - Marks and Spencers (can be bought here)
skirt - homemade (can be bought here)
necklace - Topshop
boots - ebay


  1. super outfit:)) x

  2. seriously sooso gorgeous! love the colours and your skirt is stunning! x

  3. Love the pastel colour of your shirt, looks so classy and chic! Happy End of the Week!

  4. Haha you just described the exact situation when I get my sister to take my outfit photos instead of my mum! And I have the same eBay boots that I live in! xx

  5. I adore the pattern of your skirt and the texture of your pink shirt, just lovely! I can't believe you made the skirt, how talented! It is difficult having someone take outfit photos, you have a picture of what you want to look like in your head that's hard for anyone else to capture! xxx

  6. You are so talented :) Love that skirt and shirt together and toughened up with the boots! Can't believe you made the skirt :)