Friday, 7 March 2014

Here comes the sun

I can't believe how warm it's suddenly got recently and I'm so excited about being able to wear summery clothes soon (and no tights). This outfit is quite wintery but I wanted to show you this new dress I bought in the asos sale. I love anything lacey and the dress is so versatile since it can be worn during the day over a plain t-shirt/under a cropped shirt or on a night out. The only issue I had was that the button fell off almost straight away after buying it (but it's nothing I can't quickly fix so not too much of an issue).

What do you think of this outfit? How was your week? 

dress - Asos
white t-shirt -old
boots - Topshop
gold chain necklace - Topshop


  1. Nice:)) x

  2. Such a cute outfit, it's very Clueless x

  3. such a pretty outfit, you look fab!
    Emma xx

  4. such a pretty dress! Lovely post!

  5. love the layering of the t-shirt under the dress, perfect while it's still colder!
    anna, styleskittle x

  6. i love versatile dresses like this, it makes you feel like you're getting much more for your money! x

  7. The back of that dress is INSANEEE! Love this outfit

    Ruth x

  8. I love the dress with the tee- it's very Clueless, if Cher was cool.

    Emma x