Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Yiqing Yin Critical Study

I had an early finish at school today so I got started on a dress which I will hopefully show you next week if I don't mess it up! This dress, however, is another part of my textiles coursework. Just like in my other post, I had to respond to an artist/designer.I chose to look at Yiqing Yin (anyone who has followed my blog for a while may recognise some of the work since I showed it in this post). As the response is only supposed to be a 2 to 3 hour piece, mine is obviously not quite as extravagant and the edges etc. don't actually need to be finished. The top had 8 different panels which I had plan out by making my own pattern pieces and then fitting them together kind of like a jigsaw. I actually really liked working with lots of sections as it's alot more interesting than the usual one piece for the front and one for the back. The skirt is just an ordinary circle skirt cut into panels.  Unfortunately, the photos don't really do the dress justice which is annoying. 

What do you think of my response? 

 dress - homemade
heels - Office


  1. this looks great, i looked at the other post of yours and yiqing yin's work is amazing!
    you can see the connection to yours as a lot of her work shows flowing material/shapes etc.

    well done! :)
    styleskittle / uk fashion blog xx

  2. Wow this dress is amazing, you have done so well!


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  4. Wish I could sew as well as this! Amazing xx