Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Textiles A2 Final Exam

So as I'm not going to get my final piece back until Autumn, I won't be able to take proper, good quality photos of this dress for a while, so unfortunately I'm left with these phone photos. My whole theme was Growth and Evolution so I decided to focus in on the idea of biology/microbiology. For the top half I took my inspiration from Karen Margolis' work (my response to this is here) which involved stitching and cutting out circles (definitely the dullest part of the construction). For the skirt my shape was inspired by Yiqing Yin and some of my sample work. As for the back, I wanted to include a pleated section taking ideas from Yiqing Yin again. The photo of the back is awful and it is not actually wonky/at an angle in real life. We had 12 hours to make the whole thing which is actually quite a considerable amount of time but I still found myself rushing at the end! Let me know what you think of it...