Thursday, 12 June 2014


I've wanted a kimono for a while now and I finally got around to making one the other day. I only hemmed the neckline and sides really simply though rather than having a full collar as I wasn't prepared to take the risk with this fabric ('s incredibly difficult to work with). It took around an hour to make including cutting out my pattern pieces so it's something I might try again with a different fabric. Also in this outfit are my new jelly shoes. I actually bought them in March (from ebay for £8) but decided to wait until summer to put them in a post. They're so much more comfortable than I would have imagined and although I prefer the versions with a bigger heel, these will be more useful for taking on holiday. In an ideal world I would have paired the kimono and shoes with a printed swing dress or playsuit but alas I will have to deal with this top and skirt (posted previously here and here). 

 kimono - homemade
skirt - old/modified
top - old
shoes - ebay


  1. Oh my god! Jelly shoes! But you aren't a baby of the 80's! I love the glitter in these ones! That Kimono is great too, I love that it lace so you get the flashes of colour from your skirt and top!

    Emma x

  2. Really pretty, the kimono is great, you are amazing at making clothes!

  3. Nice:)) x

  4. Loooove the kimono! I recently made one too. And I have similar jelly shoes woo! xx

  5. Love this kimono and the pattern on your vest is so cute!