Saturday, 9 August 2014

New York

If anyone's noticed my brief absence from blogging, the reason is that I've been away on holiday in America. It was my Mum's 50th birthday this year and one of her favourite places to go was Hawaii (which she visited 25 years ago (+ the Hawaii 50 reference)) so she decided it would be the perfect holiday location for her 50th year . We were lucky enough to actually go to five different locations throughout the two and a half weeks, starting off in New York. I took some outfit photos in each place and here is the first...
These two outfits are very Primark-heavy, perhaps because Primark is so good for casual/simple items. This bag is probably one of my best buys from there (I think it was £15ish) and I found this t-shirt for only £3. My checkered shirt again was very cheap since I bought it second hand from ebay rather than new in the shops...

1st outfit - top - primark, shorts - old/diy, shoes - Office, bag - Primark
2nd outfit - primark via ebay, shoes - ebay


  1. Great*-* x

  2. Awesome photos I'm so envious! Always wanted to go to America! I have the same bag, isn't it just the best? Pretty sure it was like £9 so an absolute bargain!! x

  3. Wonderful photos from New York! I envy you so much, I had an amazing time there and would love to go back :)
    xx Lara

  4. you're so lucky to be in NY! love the photos, you look absolutely gorgeous! have fun!
    Emma xx

  5. i'm so happy to stay in your blog! i really love it :*

    please do visit my blog too..

  6. I hope you had a nice time in NYC! What was your favourite part of your trip? Nice outfits, as usual!
    PS. I gave you a little shout out on my blog, since your blog is one of my faves! :)

  7. Hope you had a fun time in NYC celebrating girl!

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

  8. So jealous that you went to New York!! looks amazing x