Thursday, 14 August 2014


 I hope results day wasn't too bad for everyone! I'm fairly pleased with mine but there's not so much pressure to get the right grades since I've already got my place at UCA. Two of my friends managed to get into Cambridge and I can't imagine the stress they must have had during exam time!
Anyway, onto part 2, and our next stop was the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Oahu is the third biggest island and is the location of the capital city, Honolulu. Our hotel was slightly east of this, next to Waikiki Beach which is where we spent our first day relaxing (and attempting to bodysurf...). On the second day, we drove out to the Koko Head trail (shown in the photos below) which was an incredibly tough hike up a disused railway track and then drove around the coast where we found a really nice surfing beach. 
As for the outfit, this dress is something that I made just before I left for holiday. It's possibly my favourite thing I've ever made as the fabric is just perfect and I'm really pleased with how well it fits/the quality of sewing. Let me know what you think...!

Driving around the coast
The view from the Koko Head Trail

Koko Head Trail, Waikiki city, Waikiki Beach

dress - homemade
sandals - Topshop

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  1. Beautiful:) x