Friday, 24 October 2014

AX Paris dress

I had a really good time on tuesday when I went to see the Jonathan Ross show recording - Daniel Radcliffe was on that was pretty exciting (especially since I've probably seen the Harry Potter films about a thousand times!). 
Anyway, I bought this dress on ebay for £4.50 as I wanted a day dress that would be easy to just throw on in the morning when I'm not feeling up for my usual skirt/top combo. Winter is definitely here now, and so are the black tights...!

 ebay - AX Paris via ebay
boots - Office

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Lace and pleats

This is actually what I'm going to wear tomorrow to a concert for Eliza and the Bear. I'd spent so long and had many failed attempts at finding this American Apparel skirt on ebay at a reasonable price, so in the end I gave up my search and decided to make one instead. So here is the finished result....Although my original plan was to do smaller pleats, I kind of messed it up by cutting out the wrong sized pieces, but I actually think it turned out quite nice with the bigger pleats anyway. Along with this, I found this lace top in the charity shop the other day for £4.50, and of course I'm wearing my new favourite boots from Office.

 skirt - homemade
top - Urban Outfitters via charity shop
boots - Office

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Floral dress

It finally stopped raining for 10 minutes today so I could take these photos. Unfortunately, because of my terrible organisational skills this dress is about a month too late so you'll just have to pretend it's still summer, ok!? Anyway, so I made this dress from this incredible floral fabric. It was a bit too overpowering on it's own so I added grey panels on the sides (something new but I actually really enjoyed doing it) and then finally a lining. Pretty pleased and I can't wait to wear it (even if it isn't until next summer...!). 

 dress - homemade
shoes - New Look