Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Lace and pleats

This is actually what I'm going to wear tomorrow to a concert for Eliza and the Bear. I'd spent so long and had many failed attempts at finding this American Apparel skirt on ebay at a reasonable price, so in the end I gave up my search and decided to make one instead. So here is the finished result....Although my original plan was to do smaller pleats, I kind of messed it up by cutting out the wrong sized pieces, but I actually think it turned out quite nice with the bigger pleats anyway. Along with this, I found this lace top in the charity shop the other day for £4.50, and of course I'm wearing my new favourite boots from Office.

 skirt - homemade
top - Urban Outfitters via charity shop
boots - Office


  1. This skirt seriously looks so good, and making one yourself is always better than buying!! Did you use a pattern? xo

    1. thank you! I based it roughly on a pleated skirt I already had, working out all the maths for the pleats hurts my head aha

  2. Pretty look:)
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  3. Great photots <3

  4. Fab outfit doll, you have really great style! x

    The Belle Narrative

  5. Gorgeous top and skirt combo. I really like the big pleats! XX