Wednesday, 4 March 2015

TV Style Inspiration

I thought I'd so something a bit different today involving a few of my favourite TV programmes and characters whose style I love. In particular Gossip Girl has some of the most incredible designer pieces, and if you haven't seen it and are into fashion, then why not!? It's definitely worth the watch (even if it is just to see Blair float around in Dior and Gucci).  90210, PLL and Friends also made it into the top 4....

Rachel Green - FRIENDS

 Annie Wilson - 90210

 Aria Montgomery - Pretty Little Liars

 Blair Waldorf - Gossip Girl


  1. love this idea, i definitely take inspiration from tv shows - and i've always loved rachels 90s outfits!

    anna at xx

  2. Rachel is one of my style inspirations from TV too. I also love what Blair wears, but I could only dream about wearing those beautiful clothes!

  3. I love gossip girl, there is so much great fashion in there!

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