Sunday, 14 June 2015


I'm off on holiday on Thursday to France so I've been buying quite a few new summery clothes that I'll be sure to blog about when I get back, meanwhile I've also been making quite a few new things including this skirt....How perfect is this fabric!? My mum found it in Southall for only £3! I decided on just making a basic 'night out' skirt or something that I could wear on holiday. It only took me an hour or so as the only work that was really involved was sewing up the darts and then adding a waistband and zip. I accidentally made it slightly too tight which is a bit annoying but it's still wearable and I still really like how it looks! I would have preferably worn it with my off the shoulder top but I couldn't find it anywhere in my room (I really need a tidy up...!) so I had to go for this Primark crop instead. 

 skirt - homemade
top - primark/modified
heels - Missguided

Sunday, 7 June 2015

90s lace

I really shouldn't have taken these photos in the evening because the lighting is awful and the colours look really washed out (in real life, this fabric is actually a yellow/orange-y colour...a bit clearer in the last photo). I actually made this dress myself after seeing and loving this kind of style of dress in the shops. Normally, I'd use 2 seperate pattern pieces for the top and the skirt but I decided upon using only 1 which I think works much better for this shape. I absolutely love the lace which was about £6 per metre, so quite a lot cheaper than it would have been to buy a dress in the shops. I'm wearing it with my Office heels, which I can't believe I've already owned for 3 years now!

dress - homemade
heels - Office