Saturday, 19 March 2016

New In: cut out shoes and new look bag

I'm now back home for a few weeks over Easter so I'm hopefully going to persuade my family to take some outfit photos for me! 
I am so excited about these shoes! Somehow I've manged to go from pretty much having one pair of shoes for two years, to buying 3 new pairs in the last month or so (I'm not sure whether this is a good thing or not...)! I bought these on depop for the bargain of £8, and as I was desperate for a pair in this style I had to buy them. They're actually originally from F&F at Tesco but they're just as nice as the ones from Topshop etc. and I would never be able to tell the difference. 
Another new purchase was this bag from New Look. My last two bags unfortunately broke recently so I started my hunt for a new (decently priced) one. With the help of a lot of searching for discount codes and vouchers I managed to buy this bag for around £10. 

bag - New Look
shoes - F&F via Depop


  1. Western trend is so in right now! Your shoes and bag are right on point!

  2. Love the shoes, they're so pretty and so is the bag! :)