Saturday, 5 March 2016

New In: Shoes

I've been in desperate need of a new pair of shoes/boots for a while now (I only have one pair of boots that I wear pretty much everyday during the winter!). I got these Topshop boots as an early birthday present a few weeks ago. They're actually incredibly comfy and they're definitely an upgrade on my other boots which have become really worn out after wearing them for about 2 years now! I'm really upset that I've already managed to get a few scratches on these already though, after only a few wears...I'll have to get the shoe polish out when I go back home!

I also wanted to try and find some flat shoes that I could wear more casually. I've become so accustomed to heeled boots that wearing these feels incredibly weird! They're also not the comfiest shoes but I bought them from ebay for just £10 so they're not too bad for the price. I'm yet to wear them out but hopefully I'll make some use out of them soon, especially when it starts to get warmer!

Boots - Topshop
shoes - Ebay


  1. I am loving the first pair of boots! So chic! :) xx