Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Homemade: Pink and Black

This dress is something I made a while ago (possibly last summer?..) with some left over fabric I had which I am absolutely in love with! It actually has a slight stretch to it so it was perfect for the style of dress I decided to make. I was experimenting a bit with bias binding at the time so added some decorative lines and created a racer style back which I think was really effective. I've been working on some flat pattern pieces to use for making garments over the summer so hopefully there should be lots of new things coming soon!

 dress - homemade

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Colour Project

I haven't posted in a while since I've been working on my current project at university. The brief was to create a final outerwear garment based around your chosen theme (I chose to base mine around some photos I took on holiday in Iceland) and inspired by a designer you have chosen (I chose Bora Aksu) and from that I created this jacket for Spring/Summer 2017. I created my own print which I got printed onto fabric as you can see below. These photos are really bad quality and don't really show it in it's best light! but I'm actually really happy with the outcome.