Thursday, 17 November 2016

Mid Module Presentation

So today we had our mid module presentation to Asos! We had to present in front of the two designers from Asos and then all of our tutors. Luckily they seemed to generally like our concept, and they were really keen especially on the laser engraving that we had created from my print. They did say however that the colour scheme needed some work on and they said we should use the colour from the laser engraved leather we had (a pinky, peach colour). 

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Developing Ideas

So we’ve been doing a lot of researching and design development the past couple of weeks for our menswear project. We’ve come up with a concept to do with video games (particularly apocalyptic ones) and technology which we’ve titled ‘Computerised Misfit’. We’ve also decided to create our own video game character called Xen who plays in our video game ‘Sosa’ (....yes that is Asos spelt backwards!). We’ve started to develop some really interesting designs and details, I’ve really been loving our circuit board work in particular and I’ve been in charge of designing some print ideas also which I think we’re going to use in our final garments.