Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Into the Unknown - Exhibition

I've been visiting a lot of exhibitions this summer as part of my research for my FMP. One I went to recently at the Barbican Centre was called 'Into the Unknown' and was based solely around science fiction. In particular there were a lot of books and media references and I was really keen on some of the artworks. I'm unsure as to whether to base my concept around this theme though, as I was really inspired by some of the imagery and pieces of art but in general, science fiction is not normally something which would interest or appeal to me. However, one piece's description mentions the concept of the 'world of tomorrow', this is definitely something I would like to explore more. Perhaps I could interpret the word tomorrow in different ways or look at the changing times from the past through to the future. I need to do some further research into this idea to fully form my concept. 

Postcard series from the set 'A man in Space' 1965
 All my own photos from the 'Into the Unknown' Science Fiction Exhibition at the Barbican

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