Friday, 11 August 2017

Science Museum Visit

After a hectic 2nd year and a couple of months break I'm back to blogging and starting my work for my 3rd and final year at uni. As scary as the upcoming year and huge amount of work I'm going to be doing is, I'm excited to get started on my graduate collection, starting with my summer work (essentially to get to work on it!). The first stage and in my opinion the most difficult is figuring out a concept  (and one which will keep me inspired and excited throughout the whole year - not an easy task!). As I rushed into picking a concept last year, I'm really keen on doing as much research and gaining as much inspiration and ideas as I can this summer. Having recently moved to London, I'm very lucky to be living nearby to plenty of exhibitions and sources of inspiration and I started my research by visiting the science museum. In particular looking at their space section, something which has always been an interest of mine. Here are a few photos from my trip. I am planning on updating my blog regularly with my trips, work and inspirations so will be back with more!

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