Saturday, 26 August 2017

Tate Modern Visit

Another visit I did recently was to the Tate Modern. Trying to keep an open mind, I took some photos of the art works that inspired me the most. The most interesting one I found was the one below by Horacio Zabala depicting South America which has been distorted and changed to be shown in different ways. This reminded me a lot of the way in which the earth and the land have changed over millions of years to create continents and countries. This would be an interesting concept to look into. I also found the series of images called 'Metal' intriguing and it reminded me of the industrial revolution and our move to less natural and more man made items and machinery. Perhaps a loss of human interaction or mass production are ideas I can look further into. 

 Horacio Zabala, The distortions are proportional to the tensions, 1974

 Germaine Krull, Metal 1928 - a photographic series of industrial and metallic imagery
 Gyorgy Kepes 1939-40
 NCC 281, The Pacman Nebula, Kitt Peak National Observatory
Gustav Metzger 1963 A new phase in Art and Motion
 All photos taken at the Tate Modern London

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